Township Initiatives during the epidemic Covid-19 (Corona Virus)

Caring, warmth, giving, selflessness and compassion are some of the words that are generally not used when describing South African township communities. But our townships have stood up against this wide-spreading virus to defend the poorest in their communities by donating food, clothing, blankets, shelter and so forth. A truly amazing side, a less seen side of the townships has revealed itself and we love it!

Townships have seen a wave of initiatives that are aimed at helping the less fortunate and we plan on showing this image of townships to everyone.

In the coming weeks, we will be showcasing a number of initiatives, South Africans are undertaking in hopes to inspire many more initiatives by others, to change the township image, to assist the less fortunate and to show big/ small businesses giving back to the less fortunate communities.

South African Townships have a warm heart and these initiatives show us the true meaning of Ubuntu.

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