Islam Alive Foundation Covid-19 (Corona Virus) Relief Initiative

The Islam Alive Foundation


For our final instalment of township initiatives during the 2020 Covid-19 epidemic, we introduce to you Igshaan Nazier who runs Islam Alive Foundation in Hanover Park, Cape Town.

Igshaan Nazier grew up in a poor household with seven children and he was eldest. Like many poor households, the eldest child must work from an early age to assist his/ her parents. Igshaan was no different as he had to take up work to assist his mother in ensuring that there was food on the table and other family essential necessities.

With all the life lessons learnt during his upbringing, he wanted to make a positive difference in his community by becoming a shining example, especially to the youth, that you can use your past hardships into your present-day drive - to be and do better.

He now uses the founded Islam Alive Foundation to fight hunger & poverty. Mr. Nazier and his foundation have been helping the Hanover Park community for the past 30 years. The foundation doesn’t only feed the less fortunate, but it distributes clothing and toiletries to the poor.

To donate to this worthy cause and/ or follow the amazing work that is being done by this organization.

Please contact the Islam Alive Foundation or Mr. Igshaan Nazier on: -

Call: 083 555 2843



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